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Licensee:  Scott D. EDSon, La Habra, CA USA Flag


My History

I received my Technician Class license on July 23, 1991, and was assigned the call sign KC6YWJ.

I worked with Los Angeles County RACES/DCS transmitting video camera pictures of significant events back to law enforcement command posts. Every 10 minutes I would display my call letters on a 3x5 card in front of the camera. I was usually in a Sheriff's helicopter with no door, hanging outside with a video camera connected to a packet radio transmitter. I did this for a few years then a change in my position at work precluded me from staying involved.

On December 15, 2009, I finally found the time to fulfill a lifetime goal and I upgraded my Class to General. I fell in love with HF and all the challenges that come along with it (the right equipment, antenna, HOA rules, matching this and that, RFI, conditions, etc.) and I am now studying for the Extra Class (as time permits.)

My rig is a Yaesu FT-2000D with a RadioWavz G5RV Lite antenna inverted and just slightly off the roof line of my house peaking about 6 feet at its highest. Not the most ideal, but the best I can do since there are HOA restrictions.

This year (2011) I started looking for a vanity call sign and decided on W6EDS (I drink Whiskey, live in CA, and my last name starts with EDS - and my initials backward are EDS). After finding the best available call sign, the process was simple and I was issued W6EDS on February 19, 2011. I held my previous call sign of KC6YWJ from July 23, 1991, through February 18, 2011.




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